The inspiring thoughts during the sessions of Ulrike Eva Weigel are aimed towards problem solvers, thought leaders and innovators. The keynotes can boost the development during various events and conventions.

How to Get Visible Online
You as an entrepreneur must decide whether you want to be visible. And be ready to take the consequences. There are opportunities and there are challenges. You could have the most possible freedom in your life or you could feel like a slave to your customers. That depends on your decisions and how you structure your life.

What’s Beyond Disruption?
Disruptive companies destroy existing markets through the intelligent use of new technologies. What if you would think beyond disruptive business models? Is there anything? Yes! If you think that disruption is more than an interesting buzzword then listen here.

Empathy and Creativity: Establishing the Base for Innovation
Understanding the issues/challenges of a customer/client will enable you to find solutions! How can you resolve the issue/challenge of a customer/client in an efficient manner? To find the solution you need to develop creativity and professional know-how. A team with individual talents will be a great asset to you.

Let yourself be inspired!