Business Design Expert

A business designer is neither a management consultant, a business developer, or a product manager, nor a service designer. Uli thinks visually, often in extremes, creates, designs and models customer-centric business models. Much is about empathy. As a highly creative person, Uli detects and addresses tensions, conflicts and problems fast. She prototypes to gain insights and improve business models, brings in her entrepreneurial skills and experience, strategy, marketing and design competence. Uli uses various methods and tools, including design thinking, business model canvas. She inspires people who make a difference and keep things moving.

Uli supports business-owners in private 1:1-sessions in empathy, conflict-resolution and problem-solving so that they can disentangle and solve conflicts within their team and organization. She offers training and workshops for teams in

  • How to develop empathy:
    empathy for oneself and others such as (potential) clients, employees, ‘bosses’ and any other stakeholders
  • How to detect and address conflicts fast:
    communication training and conflict resolution based on nonviolent communication (Rosenberg)
  • How to decide better:
    consensus-oriented decision-making methods in teams and organizations: decisions made by majority sometimes are not the best choice