»Ulrike Eva Weigel is a powerful woman who inspires her audience with amusing stories and outstanding knowledge. She presents herself with a beaming peace of mind and sets her listeners under a spell with her competence. You can’t hear enough!«
Vivienne Dübbert, Owner

»Your knowledge and experience are deep. What you bring to the world goes beyond what luck can bring!«
Erica Fay, Owner

»We have received results which are really convincing and we have received the most beautiful praise for this.«
Dr. Christine Autenrieth, Marketing Supervisor

»To work with Ulrike Eva Weigel is downright pleasant. She has the rare mix of having excellent creativity, which is important to the publishing business as well as being simultaneously down to earth.
Our new appearance has received a lot of praise…
What I value and appreciate is the straight forward collaboration with Ulrike Eva Weigel and the fun loving of how to tackle a problem together and a combined outcome.«
Ilsebill Hobbeling, Marketing Supervisor

»Ms. Weigel has given us the possibility to work together on a realigment, content determination, customer recovery and target group definition.
Due to Ulrike Eva Weigel’s calm and clear personality we have the ability to set ourselves in a new position of planning the next important measures as a team.I will gladly recommend Ms. Weigel. She has completely convinced me and my team.«
Thomas Schmidt, Owner and Manager

»We are highly pleased with the presented quality of guidance and creativity of Ms. W. Her wealth of experience and high dimension of technical know-how brought the projects to the market. The products have been very well accepted.«
Hans-Joachim Becker, Regional Management

»I am highly pleased with the collaboration with Ulrike Eva Weigel. She is goal oriented in combining creativity, reliability, empathy and precision in a sucessful manner. Due to the work she has provided we have received excellent response by our clientele.«
Maja Schröder, Owner

»I received a good recommendation through a colleague of mine who has worked with Ms. Weigel in the past. After receiving the cost estimate from Ms. Weigel and her view of the essential issues, we have gladly decided to collaborate with her. She certainly knows how to provide constructive and productive work in a pleasant manner and our Thank you is sincere.«
Jürgen Windgasse, Manager

»The view to the essential is important. This attribute which you can only learn partially, is a talent of Ulrike Eva Weigel. Nevertheless, you need the appropriate comprehensive and specific knowledge as well. Ulrike Eva Weigel focuses her view on the ideal product and during the comprehensive development she stays in close contact with the customer. To Ulrike Eva Weigel this is a natural given.«
Dr. Stephan Bender, Manager